POCO F5 Receiving New HyperOS Update 2024

The changelog for the POCO F5 HyperOS upgrade that was made available for the India area as of January 2, 2024, is supplied by Xiaomi.
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POCO F5 Receiving New HyperOS Update 

We announced that the POCO F5 will receive the HyperOS update soon. The POCO F5 HyperOS update is currently being rolled out by POCO. Users in India are now receiving the update, and we are aware that it will shortly be made available to all users. because HyperOS builds for the POCO F5 are prepared and available whenever needed. Here are all the specifics on the POCO F5 HyperOS upgrade!

POCO F5 HyperOS Update

A POCO F variant called POCO F5 was released in 2023. When will the POCO F5 get the HyperOS upgrade is an intriguing question. This anticipated update for the POCO F5 has begun to arrive in India. The HyperOS update, with build number OS1.0.3.0.UMRINXM, weighs in at 4.9 GB. When you're prepared, let's examine the changelog!


The changelog for the POCO F5 HyperOS upgrade that was made available for the India area as of January 2, 2024, is supplied by Xiaomi.

[Additional enhancements and adjustments]

  • VoNR support for Jio is new.


  • December 2023 Android Security Patch update. heightened security for the system.

Device Aesthetics and Features

  • Global aesthetics inspired by life, enhancing device appearance and feel.
  • New animation language for intuitive and wholesome device interactions.
  • Natural colors for vibrancy and vitality.
  • System font supports multiple writing systems.
  • Redesigned Weather app for outdoor information and weather sensation.
  • Efficient notifications for important information.
  • Lock screen photo enhancement with multiple effects and dynamic rendering.
  • New Home screen icons with new shapes and colors.
  • In-house multi-rendering technology for delicate visuals.
  • Upgraded multi-window interface for convenience.

The POCO F5 HyperOS upgrade, which was initially issued for the India ROM, is currently being distributed to users who are enrolled in the POCO HyperOS Testing program. Expectations are high as users can obtain the update link using HyperOS Downloader. It is advised that customers exercise patience during the rollout, as the HyperOS upgrade, which promises to revolutionize the smartphone experience with cutting-edge capabilities, is being adopted by all users bit by little.

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