Google Will Soon Make QR Codes Scanning Much Easier for Android User's

Google Will Soon Make QR Scanning is currently working on a new feature that might make Android phones more efficient and quicker at scanning QR codes
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Google Will Soon Make QR Codes Scanning Much Easier for Android User's
Like me, I'm sure you've come across instances where it was difficult to scan a QR code that was positioned a distance away. Perhaps the QR code is too far away for you to reach in a crowded store, or perhaps you wish to scan a code that has been displayed on a wall across the room. These kinds of circumstances can happen repeatedly. Google is preparing to roll out a new feature that will enable remote QR code scanning in order to address this problem. More details regarding this functionality are provided here.

Google Code Scanner: Full Details

It appears that Google is adding an auto-zoom function to its Code Scanner API for Android in order to provide us some relief from this problem. With the help of this feature, you can quickly and effortlessly scan far-off QR Codes without having to manually change the zoom and make sure the scanner is properly framed. Using X (formerly known as Twitter), Mishaal Rahman found and informed the public about this functionality. The ML Kit Library has been updated to reflect this change and is available to developers as part of the API library version 17.2.0.

Google Will Soon Make QR Codes Scanning

The API will employ Google's on-device Machine Learning capabilities for code interpretation to accomplish this feature. However, the API only sends a barcode object to the app in order to protect user privacy. According to the Google Code Scanner API, a complete solution for scanning codes is provided without the need for your app to request camera permission and while maintaining user privacy. ML Kit page. This is achieved by giving Google Play services the responsibility of scanning the code and only returning the scan findings to your app. Google doesn't retain any results or image data; all image processing happens on the device.

Google Will Soon Make QR Codes Scanning Android User's

This new auto-zoom feature's ability to operate independently of Google's QR Code Scanner app is one of its main selling points. Without requesting camera permissions, other app developers can incorporate this capability into their QR code scanner programmes. Developers will have more time on their hands, and users' privacy will be highly protected.

When Google intends to make this capability accessible to Android users is currently unknown. However, we are confident that users in a nation like India will tremendously benefit from this service. Thanks to UPI, the majority of people utilise QR codes to conduct transactions every day. Please share your opinions on the auto-zooming capability for scanning QR codes in the comment section below.

Google is currently working on a new feature Android phones

Google is currently working on a new feature that might make Android phones more efficient and quicker at scanning QR codes.

When a QR code appears in the camera's field of view, the function leverages Google's machine learning to automatically zoom in, locate, and read it. However, it is a part of the most recent APIs that Google is providing to developers even if the feature is not yet accessible to users.

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