Android 14 Beta Update Users Report Bugs with Fingerprint Scanner and Wallpaper & Style Crashes

Android 14 Beta Update Users Report Bugs with Fingerprint, Scanner, and Wallpaper, & Style Crashes upgrade, albeit there were some problems.
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Android 14 Beta Update Users Report Bugs with Fingerprint Scanner and Wallpaper & Style Crashes
Google Pixel smartphones received the Android 14 Beta upgrade, albeit there were some problems.

Google now concentrates on completing the gaps and enhancing Android after the huge design shift two years ago. The developer preview of Android 14 added numerous enhancements that improve user experience, particularly in some menus.

Upside Down Cake is what Android 14's dessert is called. Given that the current feature list represents an incremental increase over Android 13, Google may reveal additional features at the formal presentation.

In Android 14, a brand-new predictive back gesture is available. The universal back button design of Android is popular, and Android 14 has improved gestures. Before you swipe, a small preview of the page or app you're returning to will appear.

Material The colour possibilities for your wallpapers are more limited, and bloatware removal is significantly simpler. This is helpful if you purchase phones from carriers who pre-load the device with numerous pointless apps that suck up battery life.

With Android 14, you can also see which programmes are using resources in the background and choose whether or not to allow them access. Although these additions are quite helpful, there are several issues with Android 14's initial Beta.

Android 14 Beta upgrade Issue:

Stable betas won't be available until almost a month after Android 14 is announced. As a result, the early software is prone to many errors and inconsistencies. You won't have a stable experience because the code base isn't highly developed yet.

These significant Android betas are the first to arrive on Google Pixels before any other brand. Nevertheless, there are a lot of bugs with the fingerprint reader in the first Beta on many Pixel smartphones, according to numerous reports on Reddit and Issue Tracker.

Here, we're not lamenting software problems in beta form. To provide the most stable public deployment, developers and testers must use the programme and identify any flaws.

Android 14 Beta 1 Fingerprint, Scanner, Issue:

The warning "Fingerprint sensor timed out" and issues are reported by users when registering their fingerprint. Next it instructs you to go to a repair shop. You are unable to register your fingerprint.

According to some sources, using a fingerprint that has already been registered won't unlock the phone. To unlock the phone, users had to enter their password or PIN code because the fingerprint reader was inoperable.

Since many applications are locked and people require biometrics to open them, this is problematic. Since the new capabilities aren't worth the bother, entering a passcode each time you want to open your phone or an app becomes extremely unpleasant.

The good news is that Google's developers are already aware of the issue. Developers request images or video recordings for additional analysis to identify the root problem.

Android 14 Beta Version Wallpaper & Style Crashing Issue:

With Android 14, the Wallpaper and Style app has a different problem. Several reports claim that opening the app causes it to crash. The problem doesn't come back if you delete the launcher cache and disable the Material You icon theming.

This isn't the best option, though. Reddit users advise against updating to Android 14 at this time because of the numerous app crashes and UI delays.

Although reporting of defects will eventually help the organisation produce a more finished software experience with higher refinement, we have grown accustomed to this type of inconsistent behaviour with Beta software.

If there are any new Android 14 advancements, we'll let you know. The majority of businesses should begin a public rollout by the end of 2023.

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